About me: Jade Burlew




Hi I’m Jade Grace Burlew and I am a sophomore student in Santa Barbara high school’s Multimedia Arts and Design Academy (MADACAD)   I’m very involved with my school and my after school activities. I have played for Don’s ladies lacrosse and on the cheer team for all years here. Somehow ,  I always make it through my days with the help of my friends and my favorite snacks. I’m obsessed with avocados and frozen grapes. They are my all time favorite foods;they are AMAZING!!! I enjoy reading mystery books and watching simile shows. My all time favorite movie is LaLa Land.  I think of myself as a  bubbly and outgoing person;  always willing to try new things and meet new people.


“SB Faces and Places” blog is my way of showcasing  local places and people who make my hometown special. I will be interviewing a diverse group people, so my readers can learn more about the lives of locals in Santa Barbara. I also plan on blogging about the local places and sharing my adventures.

I am excited to share my unique views on local life. I enjoy photography in nature and adore portrait photography because it allows people to feel confident and happy about themselves and their experiences. Photography captures memories and I put the feelings and opinions of the people photographed into my work .

I love visiting new places and meeting new people which expands  my views and knowledge of other people, places and faces that I share this beautiful town with. SB faces and places is about the fun and beautiful places and Duma me beautiful people of Santa Barbara .

If you are interested in being featured or would like to explore a new place to contribute towards my blog , please feel free to contact me.

thanks for reading and enjoy: SB Faces and  Places