My Mom


My mom is one of the best people in my life . She makes my world go round and is my rock when I need it most.She always puts  my brother and I first, is loyal to family and friends, and takes care of everyone she loves. She has gone through a lot in her life, yet still manages to always put my needs and wishes first.  I’m not going to  interview my mom; I am just going to share with you about her and all the amazing adventures she takes our family on.

My world has been filled with fun experiences and adventures because my mom loves to travel  and visit special spots with my brother and I.  She is a true adventurer; loves going on hikes, camping, and going to the beach. She loves to experience new places and things that she has never seen or done before. Some of her favorite local spots are Rincon beach, red rock river and Knapp’s Castle . The view from Knapp’s Castle  is breath taking. You can see the Santa Ynez valley and the river. The view amazes us and we have spent many hours enjoying and photographing the view. As pictured in this post: sunset at Knapp’s Castle is beautiful and breathtaking.

Image may contain: sky, nature and outdoor

Every second of everyday I appreciate how much she does for me.   She truly brings out the best in me. She has always been there to help and support me and  I do not know what my life would be like if she was not apart of it everyday. She always leads me  and my brother on special adventures; she defines the meaning of “YOLO”. She lives life to fullest and makes the best out of every situation. I have never known or met anyone who is like her . I love her with all of my heart and cant wait to go on many more amazing adventures with her . Thank you for reading this blog about my amazing mom. I hope you read my next blog post and love your mom as much as I love mine.


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