kyelee anne sorenson

Today’s interview is with kyelee she is a sweetheart,she is so aesthetic and unique which makes her stand out as an individual she has everyone’s best intentions at heart and is kind to everyone I hope you learn more about this amazing girl through this interview enjoy .

Me:”what do you want to be when you grow up?”

Kyelee:”  my answer to what i wanna be changes a lot, but as of now i want to do something with fashion. i for sure want to move to new york for a while, then maybe travel to France. As a career I think it would be really cool to have my own clothing line or company where I can style people, create clothing, and even do fashion shows.”

Me:”what’s your favorite meal and food ?”

Kyelee:” I love breakfast food so probably French Toast or Crepe’s there so yummy!.”

Me:”If you were to date someone famous dead or living who would it be and why ?”

Kyelee:”Well my celebrity crushes are Lucky Blue Smith, Cole Sprouse (lol), and obviously Justin Bieber haha. I would be beyond happy dating any of them.”

Me:”what’s your favorite tv show it movie at the moment ?.”

Kyelee:”pretty little liars and black mirror!”

Me:”who is someone in your life who inspires you the most ?.”

Kyelee:” In fashion, my biggest inspirations are Fiona Briseno, Bella Hadid, and Devon Ross. In dance my biggest inspirations are Talia Favia and Chaz. All around, I am inspired mainly by my friends and their creativity and dedication to everything.”

Me:”what’s your biggest fear ?”

Kyelee:”hmm that’s hard because there’s a lot when i think about it. On one hand I can be deeper and say not finding happiness, but then also Sharks. lol.”

Me:”if you were to get a tattoo what would it be and we’re ?”

Kyelee:”It’s sort of weird but I think it would look dope to have one on the inside of my bottom lip that was roman numerals but I’m not sure what number. Because then no one really sees it and it fades away eventually.”

Me:”what is three words you would use to discribe yourself .”

Kyelee:”loyal, energetic, and loving.”

Me:”favorite past memory  ?.”

Kyelee:”Going to Florida this spring break with my best friend Isabelle on vacation. We laid by the ocean all day, explored, swam, and had bonfires and hangouts at night with a bunch of friends we met there.”

Me:”first pet ?”

Kyelee:”cat named “shasta””

Me:”What’s the best bed dream you have had that you remember? .”

Kyelee:” I honestly can’t think of any because I never remember my dreams unless they are bad and wake me up hahah.”

Me:”If you were to make your own donut what would be on and in it?”

Kyelee:”my own donut would be pretty classic but very fluffy and good and it would be a plain one with a row of chocolate inside then have maple frosting/glaze on top!.”
Me:”we’re do you see yourself in 10 years ?.”

Kyelee:” Hmm well i will be 25 so hopefully traveling a lot maybe in New York City. Probably with a career with fashion and working very hard with it. ”

Me:”if you were to act in a show or movie what would it be and who would you want to be .?”

Kyelee:”I think it would be so fun to be in the movie clueless as cher and wear the costumes and act out everything. Or the movie Monte Carlo with Selena Gomez and play the main role because it looks so fun to film there and all the scenes are beautiful.”

Me:”would you rather never have ice cream agien or see a babby puppy .?”

Kyelee:”never eat ice cream again because there are other desserts i can eat instead and i also don’t eat dairy anyway (as of now haha).” 

Kyelee is so beautiful and a very well respected person I hope you reading this gives you a better view on who she is and  how funny and awesome she is. Read my blog post next week !.


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