Elianna Velasquez

This is Elianna she is a mad student, her class is sophomore. She is constantly smiling and always making funny jokes and being sarcastic shes my favorite diva I know . she always has something nice to say about someone which I really love and respect about her. I believe people that always look at the positive things and get happy by the smallest things are the people who are going to live the best happiest life and Elianna is one of thoose people I hope you learn more about Elianna and enjoy reading about her .


Me:” What do you dream to be when you grow up ?”

Elianna:” Well when I was 5 I wanted to be an ice cream lady because I loved the idea of making little kids happy by giving them there favorite thing ever!, But when I grew up  I started to love science and cooking so as of right know I would like to be a chef or neurologist.”

Me:”Whats you’re dream car?”

Elianna:” my dream car would be a matte black jeep with gold embellishments.”

Me:” Whats your favorite thing about yourself”

Elianna:” my hair BAHAHAH. But i like how I am able to make people laugh with how cringey and awkward I can be.”

Me:” Whats your favorite thing about Santa Barbara?”

Elianna:” MY favorite thing about Santa Barbara is how friendly the students are and how the overall environment is good.”

Me:” Why did youu join MAD ?”

Elianna:”  I joined mad because I have a passion for photography and film , even when I was younger you would always see me taking pictures with a camera.”

Me:” Whats your favorite sport? and why?”

Elianna:” my favorite sport would be cheer because I loved getting dolled up for computations and overall the environment  as well. It feels like a big happy family”

I hope you enjoyed reading about my friend Elianna her jokes are amazing and I strongly encourage you to try to be friends with her after reading this you well not regret it !!!! Go follow her on Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/eliannav4/ hope you read next weeks blog thank you.


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