Rell Kyle


This is Rell Kyle she is one of my best friends she is funny, outgoing,caring,and veryyy open minded. She is 15 years old and is applying for the mad academy for Jr year I hope you enjoy reading and learning about my amazing friend Rell.

Me:” What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Rell:” I would love to be some kind of teacher or something with little kids becuase I love being around people and little kids.”

Me:” Whats your favorite spot in Santa Barbara ?”

Rell:” I love the beaches here, there always calm and pretty.”

Me:” Whats you favorite memory ?”

Rell:” My absolute favorite memory would have to be going to fiji with my family.”

Me:” If you were to travel in time were would you want to go and why?”

Rell:” I would want to travel to the future, too see how my life is and see who I have become.”

Me:” whats your favorite type of food ?”

Rell:” Honestly I love food so much I really cant choose one specific type.”

Me:” who is your biggest inspiration ?”

Rell :” honestly Miley Cyrus … jk I would say probably my mom and dad my dad is always funny and making me smile and make my day and my mom is always there for me, and helping me with everything their both so sweet and they both love me endlessly.”

Me:” were do you see yourself in 5 years?”

Rell:” UMMM 5 years ill be 20 so id probably be in college trying to get my degree to become a teacher .”

Me:” Whats your favorite animal and why?”

Rell:” My favorite animal is a spider … because there so small and everyone’s scared of them there pretty sick!!!”

Me:” Why are you trying to join the MAD academy?”

Rell:” I love photography and film. I dont know allot about the medias so I feel that me being in mad well help me use successful skill that I need in life and I love the idea of being with my friends and doing the things I love .Overall being in MAD would make my high school experience better and help me with future jobs.”

I hope you enjoyed reading about one of my closest friends rell. Go follow her on instagram .


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