Spring Break


For my spring break 2017 it was mainly a fun family break I spent allot of time with my aunt and baby cousin Avery. I wrote a blog about Avery a couple of weeks ago go read it!!!. The Sunday after break started my family and I drove down to Carmel. It is such a beautiful place to visit the sights were to die for, their ocean was crystal clear blue and the sand was rocky and white. While we were staying in a time share in carmel we traveled most of our time to visit other places like on Monday we drove to Big Sur and went to this market/hotel place and got burritos and ate them next to a nice river and had a little picnic with the family we got ice cream and headed back to the house. At the place we were staying at there was a pool, Jacuzzi ,gym ,And ping pong room it was a really nice fun place to stay at.

Tuesday my family and I went to “Pebble Beach” it was a really fun and nice beach to go to it was very pretty. After 3 hours of being their I fell asleep and got a really bad sunburn. A life guard came by us and to;d us that a 9 year old boy dead on this beach yesterday in the ocean so that was really sad to hear and knowing that the ocean spot there was supper dangerous we desisted not to go in the water. We went back home had some yummy dinner then went to the gym for 2 hours took a nice shower then went to bed.

Wednesday we went to a aquarium in Santa Cruz it was really cool we got to touch some sea animals and learned some fun facts about the gray whale we went on a tour and had a fun time there. After we left there we went to Santa Cruz board walk and we had some Mexican food and played mini golf. Got home took a swim in the pool then went to the gym got a good night sleep.

Thursday my family and I decided  to go to the 17 mile drive which is a drive that is 17 miles long with pretty views and sites. We drove to a light house that was super pretty but very old we got a tour inside it and had a blast. That night I was exited so I just went to bed .

Friday we woke up early and left the drive ended up taking 7 hours because we made multiple stops. Overall this spring break was a blast I hope you enjoyed yours! Go read my blog post about Avery my amazing cousin who i went on this trip with. Comment below if you liked this type of blog post.IMG_4036.JPG


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