Mad Trip

This year the MAD academy sophomore class visited the Sequoias / Kings national park for our annual retreat.  We stayed in the snow covered mountains at Montecito Lodge. We stayed with our friends in the rooms and I enjoyed my cabin group very much I shared a room with kylee, Rafaela , and Brianna . We all had a blast staying up late having fun talks. During the day we either went in the jacuzi, sledding , snow boarding , skiing , or snow ball fights . The food at the lodge was good they had a buffet type layout and had a salad bar and a 24 hour soup bar. Inside the lodge there was a ping pong table and a fire place and some comfy couches was a really nice place to lounge and just chill I fell asleep multiple times it was super comfy.



While people were snow boarding me and Makayla and Elizabeth would take pictures and watch them it was super fun watching people do awesome tricks but also fall and eat sh** many people fell into holes and ran into trees . The third day we were there the snow was very icy so people would slip allot it was fun.  My favorite part of the trip was the free time they gave us during that time I got to know some mad kids I’ve never met before and got to know some kids I knew a little really well and I developed some really good relashinships with some of my friends in mad. The bus ride back was very very long I sat with Ashyln and we listened to music and chilled . We only had one stop and at that stop me and Elizabeth went to Panda Express in Bakersfield . I found out that the Panda Express in Bakersfield is the only Panda that has orange tofu in there restaurant and as a vegetarian that was amazing I was super exited to eat it !. I got some noodles and tofu and then when I ate the tofu it was super spicy so I had to go get some ice cream . When we got home after the long bus ride I talked to my family about the trip and got s really good sleep . The sophomore trip was a success I loved it !.

If your reading this and in the mad academy I encourage you to go on all the trips and appreciate all the opportunities the mad academy gives us to help meet new people and become closer with one another it was a really great trip and experience. 


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