Laura Abigail Esquivel Reynoso

IMG_3930This is the beautiful Laura she is 15 years old and lives in Santa Barbara her dad is the owner of sal’s pizza and she is one of the most mellow calm people I know. I decided to interview her because she has a different view on life than the other people I have interviewed. LAura is a observer most people would describe her as as shy, and yes she quite but she is one of the most entertaining people I have ever met. I have had the pleasure of being her friend for 4 years.Hope you enjoy my interview with her.

Me:” Who is your favorite musician ?”

Laura:” my favorite artist would be Travis Scott or Rashed.”

Me:”What is your goal in life?”

Laura:” My goal in life would be to just be happy and confident with myself.”

Me:”What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Laura:” The only thing I was be when I grow up is happy I dont care what I do I just want to be happy with me and my life.”

Me:”Who inspires you most in this world?”

Laura:” My mother inspires me the most, I love her she’s the best.”

Me:”Whats the worst part about living and growing up in Santa Barbara?”

Laura:”The worst part of living in Santa Barbara would be the small roads and just the smallness of the town.”

Me:”what’s the best part of living in SAnta BArbara?”

Laura:” The best part is the food there is many varieties of it and different types on every block, I love having so much access to whatever food I want.”

Me:”What’s your favorite sport?”

Laura:” Well im fat lol but i love dancing.” fyi ( laura is not fat she’s perfect )

Me:”What’s your dream job?”

Laura:” My dream job would be to get paid to put really pretty clothes on people and making them look gorgeous.”

Me:”Were do you see yourself in 5 years?”

Laura:” In 5 years I hope i have a couple of dogs lol.”

Me:” Why did you join MAD acadamy”

Laura:” I joined the mad because I thought it would be a cool experience and I love pictures and being with my friends.”

Hope you learned a little more about Laura after reading this as you can tell she’s a very funny calm person Ive gone to many concerts games and have done fun things with her have some amazing memories with her and Iyana., after reading this go follow her on instagram !!  her username is LaurabigaailIMG_0446.JPG  MAke sure to read my post next week about our friend iyana down below in that photo.IMG_0728.JPG


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