My Little Avery

For the past week ive been watching my 2 year old cousin Avery Gilliam . Its been the best week of my life its amazing how something like a child can make you so happy and have such a different view on life. everything is just happier and fun. I really love kids when I grow up I plan on being a mom and watching my cousin has made me love it even more.


Avery is one of the smartest kids I know shes only 2 right know and she can already tell her left from right. She has full sentences and its so happy about everything and never cry’s. While she was with me and my family we took her to many different fun places we thought she would enjoy, We took her to the zoo and she fed a giraffe and saw her favorite animals . We also took her to the harbor and pier she loved walking and seeing all the fish and she just had a blast with us. My favorite thing doing with her was going to the mini train in Goleta I got to ride it with her on my lap and she had a blast every time the train went “choo choo” she got the biggest smile on her face and it made me so happy. She walked on the tracks and pointed out all the pretty poppy’s and flowers. She can easily entertain herself which is what I love most about her. I loved picking out her cute little outfits and doing her hair shes such a good sport. My brother had a marathon which she went to and normally 2 year olds freak out at events with allot of other kids around, but not Avery she would go up to people and make new friends.

Avery has changed my life with her being my first cousin I love her so much and my prospective on life has changed so much my thoughts of kids and family is so much better now and having her with me and spending allot of time with her was so amazing, even when I was so sad she wouldn’t lighten up my day I love her so much. I encourage you who ever is reading this to love your family and spend as much time as you can with them because they mean everything in life.


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