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This is Bella Vasquez she is one of the sweetest most calm person I know she is very sane and in-sync with life always makes the best dissension for herself and is very confident which is what I admire most about her She is 15 years old and a sophomore at SBHS in the visual arts and design academy hoping to transfer to MAD academy next year. I hope you enjoy reading my blog about her and our interview.


me:” favorite thing about your life?”

Bella:” my favorite thing in my life would be my amazing friends and supportive family.”IMG_3479.JPG


me:”what do you enjoy doing in your free time?”

Bella:” I enjoy doing art,reading,writing,anything creative. ”


me:”What is the best part of living in Santa Barbara?”

Bella:” I love walking outside and seeing the beautiful nature, the oceans,and mountains. Most people are so easy going and friendly, but what I admire most is the the beauty of  SB and being able to take gorgeous anywhere I go.”


me:”What is your least favorite part of living in Santa Barbara ”

Bella:” Santa Barbara has less diversity and social/business networks than a city. But im still glad that
I was raised in Santa Barbara because its a great place to live and grow up in.”


me:” what do you want to be when  you grow up?”

Bella:” I want to be a author,photographer,or work for a magazine hopefully. I would also love to work in the film industry as a cinematographer. I would love to meet new people and share my ideas and artist styles in the future.”


Me:” Who has impacted your life most?”

Bella:” My sister Bianca. She is my best friend i couldn’t ask for anyone better. She is so outgoing, loving,friendly, and everyday she pushes me to break out of my shell. She is such an amazing person to be around and is constantly radiating a positive attitude and knows me better than anyone.”


Me:”Whats something special about you people wouldn’t know by looking at you?”

Bella:” I guess people wouldn’t know that I am a really good artist and I went to japan and love hello kitty.”IMG_3478.JPG

Me :” name 4 of your best qualities about yourself”

Bella:” creative,kind,artistic, and easy going.”


I hope you enjoyed reading and learning more about my amazing friend Bella go follow her on Instagram! and Get to know this amazing girl.


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