Brinkley Fussel


This is Brinkley Fussel, She is 16 years old. Brinkley is one of the sweetest girls i have met always calm and has allot of people who love her because she is a very lovable person. And I am exited for you guys to read and learn more about this awesome girl. I interviewed her and asked her some personal quistions so i hope you enjoy reading about one of my best friends



me:” whats your strongest struggle in life?”

Brinkley:” My strongest struggle in life would have to be chrons disease, it is really painful and is almost an invisible pain because i don’t have a cast on it because it is an internal issue.As painful as it is i have had great support from my family and friends. And it gives me scars.”


Me:”what is one thing in your life you would never want to change ?”

Brinkley:” one thing in my life I would never change is having my boyfriends charlie and having all my amazing family and friends.”


Me:”What do you want to be when your older?”

Brinkley:” When im older I want to go to nursing school and become a nurse at cedar sinai hospital.This hospital is the one “I have been treated for the past 6 years and I love that hospital”


Me:” who is someone who has most impacted your life?”


Brinkley:” my mom and my sister have impacted me allot in my life, My sister because everything she went threw with her treatment and life in general, and my mom because no matter how much we fight shes always there for me when I need her”


Me:” why do you love to live in Santa Barbara?”

Brinkley:” I love living in Santa Barbara because it is so beautiful, Every time im having a bad day I just drive to Butterfly beach. It so calmly and there sunsets are never a disappointment.”


Me:” What is the best personality quality you admire about yourself? and best personality quality you see in others?”

Brinkley:”I dont know what my best personality quality would be, maybe im funny at times. The best personality quality I see in others would be how people are funny and responsible in situations and how well they handle themselves.””


Me:” Whats your favorite food?”

Brinkley:” my favorite food would definitely be chicken lime tacos”


Me:”What would your dream date be ?”

Brinkley:” It would be roses all the way to a beach picnic with my favorite food and the boy that I love.”

Me:” What is something your most scared of ?”

Brinkley:” The thing im most scared of in the world would be a tsunami happening in my town.”


Me:” What is the best memory or experience you would want to recreate?”

Brinkley:” Best memory would be my 16th birthday and I would recreate it.”


Me:” What school do you go to ?”

Brinkley:” I go to alternative school called home hospital which is usually for kids who break a arm or a leg and cant go to school. But in my case its a long term thing. I hope to transfer to SBHS next year for my senior year.”


Me:” what is the worst part of living in SB”

Brinkley:” The worst part of SB would be the rude girls…”


I hope you enjoined learning more about my best friends Brinkley and you learned more about local people of Santa Barbara. I encourage you to comment people I should interview or places I should go and blog about. Go follow @theoneandonlybrinkleyfussel on Instagram.



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