Get To Know Kai Jasmine Bartell

This is Kai Jasmine Bartell I decided to make her my first blog post because she is one of my best friends  she is a sophomore at Santa Barbara High school 15 years old . Also plays on the schools lacrosse team she is one of the sweetest people ever and I would like all my blog readers should know more about this amazing girl. I interviewed her and asked her a few questions about her life so you guys could get to know this amazing girl better.

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me: ” What are you most proud of in your life?”

Kai:”I’m most proud of my independents ,because I have gone threw allot growing up and I have had to do allot on my own, and yes I have amazing support from my friends and family but its hard not having a family around and a mom whos always working to support working to support me and my sister. I am also proud of myself for letting anything come in my way to get what I want and to succeed in my life.”

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me :”What would you like to be when you grow up”

Kai:” Umm When I graduate I would Love to go to nursing school and become a pediatrician or at least a job in the medical field”

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 Me:” What do you do in your free time ?”
Kai:” I spend my free time going around Santa Barbara  with my friends and eating good food and listing to good music while we take pics and make great memories.”
Me:” What are you most afraid of ?”
Kai:” I’m afraid of pushing people away, and not living my life full of memories and great experience’s with amazing people…”
me:” Whats your strongest personality quality ?”
Kai:” My strongest personality quality would be my humor and my openness to try new things and new experience’s.”
Me:” What’s your favorite part of living in Santa Barbara ?”
Kai:”  I would go back to the admirable places I have visited and hikes in the mountain’s taking views vs. the depths of the ocean and spending time at the beach during summer ,museums, And beautiful churches… I wouldn’t trade Living in Santa Barbara for anything.”

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I spend most of my time hanging out with this great girl kai, She is one of the greatest people I have ever met have so many great memories with her and cant wait to make more. She is one of the most amazing people ever.

I know and very courage people ever. If you ever see Kai anywhere You need to introduce yourself and become friends with her she well change your life and make it better you wont regret knowing this awesome girl. And go follow


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