Natani Isabella Kent Earle

This blog post is about one of my good friends Natani. she is one of the bravest girls I know always puts others first and shes extremely outgoing and athletic /I love her with all my heart and soul. She is a sophomore at bishop diego high school and is really good at soccer and life guarding shes a BABE. Hope you enjoy this interview!.

me:” Whats your full name?”

Natani:” Natnai Isabella Kent Earle (spells NIKE)

me:”Whats your dream in life?”

Natnai:” my dream would be to be happy and play professional soccer”

me:” Whats your greatest accomplishment?”

Natnai:”My greatest acomplishment is the fact that I strive to make the most out of what I  do and exel through every challege.”

Me:”what’s your favorite food ?”

Natani:”My favorite food is mac and cheese .”

Me:”if you could travel anywere with your favorite celeb who would it be and were?”

Natani :”I would travel to Thailand with famous soccer player David Ramos .”

Me:”who’s your inspiration?”

Natani:”Carli Lloyd is my inspiration because throughout her life she persevered throughout all hardships and trained all day every day to achieve her goal, become a pro soccer player .”

Me:”dream car?”

Natani :”My dream car is my grandpas Ford GT.”

Me:”what’s your dream job ?”

Natani:” to travel the world .”

Me:”what’s your biggest fear in your life.”

Natani:”My biggest fear in life is loosing everything and everyone I love .”

Me:”what’s your favorite movie ?”

Natani:”Lucy is my favorite movie of all time .”

Me:” what’s one word you would use to discribe yourself .”

Natani :” I would describe myself as goofy.”

Me:” if you were to have a super power what would it be ?”

Natani :”I would want to have the power of a shapeshifter because I cld help people and get to places fast .”

Me:”what’s your dream college ?”

Natani:”My dream college is University of Washington because it has a D1 college and the weather changes constantly.”

Me:”what’s your greatest accomplishment?”

Natani :”My greatest accomplishment is the fact that I strive to make the most out of what I do and excel through every challenge.”

Me:” who was your first pet ?”

Natani :”My dog ajna, he was a mini Australian shepherd.”

Natani is one of my greatest freinds I love her so dearly I hope you enjoyed my blog post this week come back and read next weeks


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